About me

In January 2015, I have some 19 years experience as professional assistant, both within departments and as management assistant. Also, I have gained over two years experience as a logistics customer supporter in the field of warehousing and distribution and I have gained experience in general administrative support.

In January 2016, I made a career move to an Information Management department as information management administrator in the center of the Netherlands. This opportunity provides me a change to build bridges between IT and “the business”.

I think there is really a gap between what IT offers and users want. My specialisms?

1) To translate complex IT-documents from technical professionals into readable documents for non-technical users so people can make a choice based on real information and to create very simple but complete and practical user manuals for applications.

2) To improve daily operational processes by working and thinking Lean.

My goal is continuous improvement on personal and professional level. My sources of inspiration contain (but are not limited to):

  • My husband, who supports me whatever I do
  • My personal friends
  • My pets, who continuously teach me to remain calm
  • Mr. Cesar Millan (better known as The Dog Whisperer), whose shows I have visited two times and who showed me the power of calm and assertive energy
  • the late Mr. Stephen Covey
  • Ms. Ilona van Houtum, who helped me find my way in education and has now her own website (please click her name to go there)
  • and very likely a lot of other people whom I forgot at this moment, for which I apologize

My resume can be requested via the contact form. Information is available in both Dutch and English. You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.